Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Very Very Very First Appearance of Batman!!

Recently I have been thinking about how this year, 2009, is the 70th Anniversary of one of the greatest comic book characters ever, Batman! The weird thing is that DC Comics ( Warner Bros ) has not been hyping that fact very much. Oh, they have mentioned it a little but there's NO huge fanfare like I would like to see. So, then later I got to wonder what was THE very very first appearance of Batman? I'm not talking about Detective Comics # 27 where they introduced the character. I started to wonder if they showed him in any other way as sort of an introduction or teaser. Well, here it is! The graphic you see up above is the VERY FIRST TIME anybody, mainly children, got to see the Dark Knight! This image is from the 1939 issue of Action Comics # 12. It hyped the fact that there would be a brand-new superhero added to their lineup & said to look for the May issue of Detective Comics! Now, you really have to wonder...what did kids think when they 1st saw this small image of the Caped Crusader for the very first time? Wow! That must have been really cool!! Looking at the sale figures for that book they must have loved it, ha ha!

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