Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hostess Fruit Pies Advertising: Batman and The Corsair of Crime!

Anyone who read comic books in the 1970's or 1980's has got to remember all the Hostess Cupcake, Twinkies, & Fruit Pie ads starring some of their favorite Marvel & DC Superheroes. They ran these all the time & I totally loved them! First, it wasn't like a regular advertisement. They made it look like another page of the comic book to trick you into reading them. Second, they were always such fun because the hero would use Hostess Treats as a way to confuse the criminals. Apparently, if you throw packaged Fruit Pies at crooks or bank robbers their brains just totally short-circuit & they go nuts for the fruit filling! But, I mean, who can blame them? At the time they had Cherry, Apple, & Peach! My personal favorite was Cherry. As a little kid I used to completely love them & I would beg my Mom to buy some at the store, ha ha! ( Be sure to click on the ad up above for a more readable version. You'll be glad you did because it is quite the adventure ).

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