Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FUNNY BATMAN HUMOR: Photos, Pictures, & Comic Strips

This post is just a simple "image dump" where each picture is pretty self-explanatory. They are all totally funny in their own way but I guess the 1st one needs a little explaining. My good friend Dave was recently traveling through Oklahoma when all of a sudden he's like, "Oh My God! Stop the car! We gotta get a photo of this funny mailbox for Tommy's Bat-Blog!!". Ya'see Dave & a buddy were driving around near Stillwater, OK when all of a sudden they saw this mailbox for BAT MAN. Actually, at one time, it was for "BATEMAN", but the "E" fell off, ha ha ha! ( Thanks Dave for sending the wacky photo, I love it! ). Oh yeah, the comic strip FULL FRONTAL NERDITY is kinda small here but if you click on it you can see a larger, more readable, version...please do so because it's pretty funny! Plus, you might wanna visit that cartoonist's website because most of his stuff is just really great.

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