Saturday, July 25, 2009

BATMAN CARTOON Promotional Items at KFC in The Philippines

On the internet awhile back I came across some amazing Batman Promo items that I wish I would have known existed, back when they did the promotion. It seems that, at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants ( in the Philippines ), they had special Chicken Buckets & Plastic Soft Drink Cups decorated with graphics of Batman, Robin, Batgirl, & Catwoman! I found these on the personal website of the graphic designer who designed them. His name is Brian & he's an extremely talented artist. The weird thing was that it combined a few different "themes of Batman", namely, THE BATMAN animated cartoon & "THE GOTHAM GIRLS". But, where's Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn? They were an internal part of Gotham Girls. Plus, Batgirl was NOT a Gotham Girl but a member of the Bat-Family...weird. But regardless, I would like to have these KFC buckets & cups though, they're pretty cool!

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