Monday, July 27, 2009

Bat-Blog Contest Winner Announcement: Set Of Three Hot Wheels - 1966 Batmobile, Batboat, & Batcycle!

OK, It's finally time to announce the winner for our recent Bat-Blog Contest where we are giving away three 1:50 Scale Hot Wheels, The 1966 Batmobile Car with Trailer Hitch, The Bat-Boat with Trailer, & the Classic '66 Bat-Cycle Motorcycle!! But first I would like to thank our good friend THE BATFAN for donating these 3 gifts. Without his amazing generosity this contest would not have existed. So, Thank You BATFAN! I would also like to thank everyone for entering. These toys must be pretty well liked because we received record responses! As you should know the contest ended last night, at midnight, & a little after that I put a ton of numbers in a hat. After mixing them up for quite awhile one number was randomly picked from the batch. The lucky winner of the latest Bat-Blog Contest is...Steven M. of Westville, NJ!! Steven, please be sure to contact us soon so we can confirm your mailing address & get these mailed to you. In fact, I already have them very carefully packed & when you get them you're gonna cry! They are really beautiful, seriously! Now, everybody else please stay tuned to the Bat-Blog because we have some more contests lined up that you will not want to miss. For the very next contest I'm thinking about doing a mini-one where it's real quick & will only last a few days. Then we're gonna have a really BIG one with some extremely cool items. Also, Thanks Again to BATFAN & all the people who entered!

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