Monday, July 28, 2008


Fun, quick, and easy-to-use photo collage software

Looking for all-in-one photo collage software that's fast and easy? Look no further. Picture Collage Maker is a fun and easy to use program for creating photo collages and digital scrapbooks from your digital photos to share with friends and family-whether you're just starting out or have been collaging for years.

You can also create your calendar, greeting card, invitation card,poster, and any photo-related artwork that you can imagine!

Whether you see collaging as a relaxing pastime or a way of life, Picture Collage Maker can improve your efficiency, save you money and help you transform your priceless photos into precious memories.

How Does Picture Collage Maker Work?
You can choose from hundreds of pre–designed scrapbook and photo collage templates or create your own design from scratch, apply image frames, masks, drop shadows and other effects...

Simply drag and drop, or mix and match and then with only a few more mouse clicks your stunning photo collage will be ready.

1. Add photos to your photo collage project.

2. Edit photo collage.Apply frames, borders, and masks. Add clipart, text, drop shadows, and a calendar. Crop your photos, and apply other effects.

3.Save collage project as image files, set as desktop wallpaper,email and print your photo collage.

Picture Collage Maker Tutorials
A step-by-step guide to using Picture Collage Maker and becoming an expert in less than 5 minutes.
Create photo collages without scissors or glue.
Download for FREE! *
NO Adware - NO Spyware - NO Credit Card Required

* 15-day Free Trial
The trial version of Picture Collage Maker is provided for free so that you can get a first-hand feel for this fun and easy-to-use digital collaging tool. Creativity starts from here....

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