Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sea At Night Wallpaper

Nature wallpapers section - some info:

Here at DesktopRating, we know you enjoy the wonders of nature with its
landscapes, mountains, rivers, sunsets, lakes, cliffs, flowers and
animals. This is what we have in our "nature wallpapers" section. Use
these wallpapers for your desktop right now.

Here you will find high quality and free nature wallapapers galleries
filled with amazing pictures which can be downloaded for use on your
computer desktop. The galleries includes pictures of over one hundred
beautiful flower, wildlife, bird, insect, reptile, landscape, sunset and
other scenic photographs. Nature wallpapers are available as 1024x768
pixels and can be used on the your desktop.

What is nature?

Nature (also called the material world, the material universe, the
natural world, and the natural universe) is all matter and energy,
especially in its essential form, untainted by human influence. Nature
is the subject of scientific study. In scale, 'nature' includes
everything from the universal to the subatomic. This includes all things
animal, plant, and mineral; all natural resources and events
(hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes). It also includes the behaviour of
living animals, and the processes associated with inanimate objects. A
fundamental difference of view exists between those who include humans
(both their consciousness and their activities) within nature, and those
who do not.

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